Since 2002, composer/performer Jeremiah Cymerman (pronounced SIMMER-man) has become an increasingly integral part of the New York Downtown scene, charting a colorful career as a clarinetist, improviser, sound artist, recording engineer, archivist and podcaster. Frequently using the recording studio as a primary compositional tool, Cymerman’s work reflects a passionate interest in improvisation, electronic manipulation & production, traditional, studio & graphic composition as well as solo clarinet and ensemble performance practices. As a composer, he has received commissions from the Jerome Foundation and Roulette Intermedium.  As a performer, he has worked closely with many of contemporary music’s most important artists, including John Zorn, Toby Driver, Mario Diaz de Leon, Brian Chase, Christopher Hoffman, Evan Parker, Nate Wooley, Joshua Rubin, Anthony Coleman, Matthew Welch and others.  He has performed in over twenty countries as well as numerous cities in the United States, from grand concert halls to anarchist squats. Having released two albums on Tzadik Records, since 2012, he has been releasing music on his own label, 5049 Records, with six full length albums to date, featuring artists Evan Parker, Mario Diaz de Leon, Nate Wooley, Toby Driver, Peter Evans and others.  Since 2013, via his 5049 Podcast, he has been documenting long-form, one on one conversations on a weekly basis with an increasingly diverse cast of the most important and distinctive living musicians.  With almost one hundred episodes to date, he has presented key conversations with luminaries such as Anthony Coleman, Craig Taborn, Mary Halvorson, Matthew Shipp, Fred Frith, Zeena Parkins, Erik Friedlander, Trey Spruance, JG Thirlwell and dozens more. He is a proud resident of New York’s Lower East Side.

Selected Discography:

-2018 Decay of the Angel, 5049 Records

-2016 Badlands, 5049 Records

-2016 Sheen, 5049 Records

-2014 World of Objects, 5049 Records

-2014 Pale Horse, 5049 Records

-2014 Real Scars, Mnoad Records

-2013 Seven Bridges, Peira Records

-2013 Sky Burial, 5049 Records

-2012 Purification/Dissolution, 5049 Records

-2011 Fire Sign, Tzadik Records

-2010 Polyimage of Known Exits, Ice Level Music

-2009 Under a Blue Grey Sky, Porter Records

-2008 In Memory of the Labyrinth System, Tzadik Records

-2007 Big Exploitation, Solponticello Records