Episode 39, In Memory of Craig Lieske


2013 started with a tremendous deal of heartbreak and sadness for many people in and around Athens, GA as Craig Lieske passed away, suddenly, on January 18th.  Craig was a pillar of the Athens creative community- He was a crucial figure who not only possessed incredible musicianship, but also took great delight in bringing people together and engaging in deep conversation.  Craig was the first person with whom I ever improvised and it was Craig who turned me on to, among other things, the music of Evan Parker, John Zorn and Derek Bailey.  For the final podcast of 2013, and in honor of what would have been Craig's 49th birthday, I travelled to Athens, GA and spoke with several of Craig's closest friends and musical colleagues.  In this episode we hear from Mitchell King, Tony Evans, Jeff RieterJim Wilson & Chris Herron as we share personal remembrances and stories of Craig.  

Special thanks to Sloan Simpson at Southern Shelter.

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