Episode 1, Toby Driver

Toby Driver is truly one of a kind.  Composer, multi-instrumentalist, gourmand, advice columnist, beer connoisseur, visual artist, new age music enthusiast, Toby has been around the world many times with his own long-running band, Kayo Dot, as well as a member of the legendary Secret Chiefs 3.  His music is dark, intensely beautiful, gut-wrenching and always as articulate in presentation as Toby is in conversation.

For the first episode of the 5049 Podcast, Toby stopped by on a brisk Saturday evening in March for a vegetarian meal prepared by the Cho and a couple of bottles of Ruthless Rye to discuss music, creativity, practicing acceptance and working to remain open as a musician.  I love this guy and couldn't be happier to break the cherry on this podcast with Toby.