Episode 104, James Ilgenfritz

James Ilgenfritz is a bass player and composer who has been living in New York City since 2003. He is also one of the first musicians that I met and played with upon my arrival. He has worked closely with Lukas Ligeti, Elliott Sharp, Anne Gosfield and more. Since his move to New York he has also been incredibly active as a curator and organizer. For this talk, we go back to the first few years in New York, as well as the challenges that James faced from 2008-2013, his newest work with his label Infrequent Seams and much much more.

James Ilgenfritz

Episode 103, Aaron Siegel

Aaron Siegel was born in Maryland, educated in Michigan and has been living in New York City since 2001. He has studied with Alvin Lucier, Ron Kuivila, Anthony Braxton and Bunita Marcus among others. In addition to composing and leading his own ensembles, since 2011, he has co-lead Experiments In Opera, with whom he has produced over 30 new operatic works since its founding in 2011. Aaron is a multi-faceted composer/performer, a unique individual and great guy.

Aaron Siegel

Experiments In Opera

Episode 101, Miya Masaoka

Originally from the Bay Area, Miya Masaoka is a multi-faceted composer/performer who has been making a mark on the international music scene for the past three decades. Her main instrument is the koto and her work sits comfortably at the intersection of composition and improvisation, instrumental virtuosity and technological investigations. She has worked closely with Bang On a Can, Zeena Parkins, Pamela Z and Larry Ochs, among many others. She is a true original and I am delighted to share this conversation.

Miya Masaoka

Episode 99, Liberty Ellman

Born in New York and raised in San Francisco, Liberty Ellman is a wonderful guitarist who has been making a name for himself in contemporary jazz circles for the past twenty years. He has worked closely with an array of modern luminaries including Henry Threadgill, Vijay Iyer, Butch Morris and Tyshawn Sorey. In 2015 he released a new trio recording, his first nine years. For this talk Liberty takes me through his upbringing in a musical home, collaboration, working as a guitarist and much more.  A good talk with a good guy. 

Liberty Ellman

Episode 98, Matt Hollenberg

Born and raised in Philadelphia and now based in Brooklyn, Matt Hollenberg is an extremely talented and inventive guitarist.  He plays in the bands Cleric, John Zorn's Simulacrum and his newest project, Shardik.  For this talk, Matt tells the history of Cleric, getting the opportunity to work with musical heroes and the importance of creating context for one's work.  A good talk.



Episode 97, Brandon Lopez

Brandon Lopez is my kind of dude. He's a young bass player, who attended the New England Conservatory and since 2013, has been living and gigging regularly in New York City. He's got a sick sense of humor and an even sicker musicianship to match. For this talk, we discuss his upbringing in a cemetery, his non-traditional musical education, new methods of musical distribution and a whole lot more. A good talk with a great cat, who you'll be hearing more from for years to come.

Brandon Lopez

Episode 96, Steve Swell

Steve Swell is a trombonist who has been living and working in New York City since 1975.  A veteran of the bands of Bill Dixon, Cecil Taylor and William Parker, Steve has been forging a singular voice on the trombone and has become a crucial member of the Downtown scene in the last forty years. For this talk, we go back to his roots in New Jersey, New York in the 80s and talk about the current living/working conditions of the twenty first century musician in New York City.

Episode 95, Simon Hanes

Simon Hanes is a gifted and incredibly busy young musician, who has recently settled in Brooklyn. Since his time at the New England Conservatory, Simon has hit the ground running, helming several ambitious and wildly creative projects, such as Guerilla Toss and Trigger. His most recent project, Tredici Bacci, is a fourteen piece mini orchestra that pays homage to Italian soundtracks from the 1960s & 70s.  Their newest record, "Amore Per Tutti", is available NNA Tapes and is a wildly creative and well executed recording, featuring guest vocals from Charlie Looker, JG Thirlwell and Jennifer Charles.  For this episode, Simon talks the pleasures and pains of leading a fourteen piece band with a DIY aesthetic. 

Tredici Bacci